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How do i beat star wolf on venom?

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marioultrafan1 answered:

Well fighting Star Wolf has more to do with skill rather than knowing how to beat them. Best way to fight them is to have your whole team alive during the battle. They are good for having most of the Star Wolf team going after them, and not just you. Fighting Star Wolf will not be easy if you are not used to the controls. While the Star Wolf members are going after your team mates, chase them and rapidly shoot them (charging shots are not effective). I recommend practicing in multi-player and fight against the computers. After you feel you got the hang of it, take on Star Wolf. Good luck.
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Magna_Stryker answered:

When you get to Venom and the cut-scene begins showing Star Wolf and his team flying in, resist the urge to skip it. Doing this will put one of the enemies almost directly in front of you after the cut-scene ends, allowing you to take one of them out from the start. From there, abuse your L and R buttons and look for the other opponents and shooting at them even when they do a U-Turn off-screen. If Star Wolf is not killed and is chasing you down, bust a somersault and keep an eye on the map to see what direction he's flying.

Done right, you shouldn't have any real problems defeating these four guys, and if you do it in a timely manner, you'll earn the medal before you even fight Andross.
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