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Is this game as easy as the old N64 version?

I remember spending 50 on this game back in 1997, and was really disappointed to complete it on my first go. Is this version any harder?


btaylor2010 answered:

I don't think it's harder. It may be a little easier. I've looked on the Wiki page for this game and there is only 1 difference between this game and the old version for the Story Mode. The game can now be saved between the missions on each planet in the story. There are also a few changes in the way the planets look and one or two changes with the characters.

You can see exactly what changes have been made by going to this link:
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KeyBlade999 answered:

They actually made a N64 version that mimicked that type of difficulty and allowed you to manipulate the controls to be like that version. You can also play a version more 3DS-compatible.

In short, the game is a bit easier. If you didn't enjoy the N64 version due to too-low difficulty, don't buy it.
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Itai-shini answered:

> Buy game
> Unlock Expert Mode

There's your challenge. Expert Mode is pretty darn difficult, and if that's what you're looking for, I doubt you'll be disappointed.
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_SG answered:

This game isn't about going from start to finish - it's about multiple-choice paths and unlockables.

You wouldn't say that a Mario Kart game is short just because you can complete a cup in one sitting.
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Psychomantis775 answered:

It's EASIER because you can't save on the n64 version and in the3ds version you can
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