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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I fight Andross in True Form? (open mode)

I've been trying to fight Andross in "true form" (not the robo one) but can't find the rigth path.

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From: JSD324 3 years ago

You have to enter venom via Area 6. To do that, you must either get Mission Accomplished on Sector Z or Macbeth.

To get to Sector Z, you must either get Mission Accomplished on Zoness, or take the Sector X Warp.

To get to Macbeth, you have to clear Soles.

Hope this helps.

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As long as you enter Venom through Area 6, the path you take doesn't matter. Entering Venom via Area 6 will force you to fight Star Wolf; defeat them to fight Andross in his "robot" form. After defeating his robot form, you'll face off against his true form.

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First, get to Macbeth. While youre in Macbeth, and the the train boss comes out, Peppy will tell you to hit 8 switches. There will be 7 switches that are numbered left and right of the track. One is hidden behind a gate. Once you have hit all seven, Peppy says to hit the switcher. It will be flashing green. If you did all that and did not kill the flying boss attached to the train, the train will switch tracks, and crash. Then you have an option to go to Area 6. Beat Area 6. Then you will go to Venom and fight star wolf with their improved ships. Then fight Andross in his alternate form.

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