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Asked: 3 years ago

How do i get a gold metal on venom 2?

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From: awesomenessX2 3 years ago

You must defeat all of wolfs fighters for the most points, otherwise it's impossible.All the rest is pretty much like a normal playthrough. Good luck!

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In order to get a gold metal on Venom 2, you must defeat wolf team and Andross' true form quickly in order to receive the max points. Killing them quickly should score you 51 hits per ship, for a total of 204, destroying the eyes are about 6 hits, and andross(brain) should be 11 hits, giving you a total of 227 hits.

The key is to defeat them really quickly.

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(Make sure you're on Score Attack mode when you do this)
Defeat the Star Wolf team as fast as possible. Each ship gives you 51 points (Hit + 50). Now, destroy Andross by first shooting his eyeballs. Each gives you 6 (Hit + 5) points. Now shoot Andross's weak point. If done fast enough, you'll get 11 (Hit + 10) points. Congrats! All that's left is the escape scene.

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