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So just for 3ds?

Or is it possible to play zelda on the dsi or dsl?

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S_U_Perhero answered:

Nope. This is a 3DS game. If you want to play it, you'll need a 3DS. The game boxes don't have stripes with "3DS" written on them and new white game cards with tabs that stop them from fitting in previous models of DS just to make them look pretty.
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DarkZero_0x answered:

On the 3ds you can turn off the 3D to a normal ds, dsi so you can play like a ds.
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adriande2 answered:

It might be able to work on even a DS lite. It just matters if they decide if 3DS games can work on earlier systems.
But I don't think any of us know for sure, yet.
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szymekc10 answered:

I don't think so. The graphics will be too good (even without 3d) for the DS lite\ Dsi to process.
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huntie201 answered:

No Nintendo has confirmed its not possible plus my friend tried my other friend's Lego SW 3 TCW On DS and it wouldnt fit.
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TheBertus57 answered:

No you can't
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supersayandoyle answered:

There is a little bump on 3ds cartridges that prevent them from being put in ds and dsi systems.
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