Question from thenoobynoober

Asked: 3 years ago

Can you still do the Bomb Hover Glitch?

I played oot on wii and i never was abel to do the the Bomb Hover Glitch and im wondering if you can in this one and if so how

Accepted Answer

From: CrazyCloud714 3 years ago

No, you can't. Infinite Sword Glitch is required to do it, which has been taken out.

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You can't do it in this version, but it is possible on Wii, just difficult.

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No, you can't. Because the infinite sword glitch is required to do it, and that's been removed.

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Well, it might have been possible to do when they had the demo because the infinite sword glitch (a glitch needed to do the bombchu hover) was still there, but since it's taken out, there's no way to do the bombchu glitch as of right now.

But hey, you never know. People might find away around it. This game, which was supposed to get rid of at least most of the glitches found in the original, actually seems to be somewhat glitchier than the original, as ironic as that sounds.

If you want to know about about it, then look it up online. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to give you a specific place to find this information, but you should be able to find it without that much of a problem.

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