Question from 3_ENiGMA_3

Am I stuck in the water temple?

In the water temple, I accidentally pulled the block on the 3rd level backwards instead of pushing it forward and now it's stuck. I can't move on and I haven't got the longshot yet.

Is there a way for me to move on? And, has anyone else encountered this problem?

Chaos0wings asked for clarification:

Did you just enter the temple?, And did u meet the zora princess yet?

3_ENiGMA_3 provided additional details:

No. I've been in this temple for about half an hour. Yes, I have met the Zora Princess.

3_ENiGMA_3 provided additional details:

I've already did all of that... I'm still stuck...

Chaos0wings asked for clarification:

Hmm, if u have 2 spare keys how about top level, left side of the temple. The one with the platforms moving downward?

3_ENiGMA_3 provided additional details:

I've already used these keys, but I still haven't opened the door at the far side of the waterfall room... I think.

3_ENiGMA_3 provided additional details:

Thanks... Turned out I missed the block on the first floor...

Accepted Answer

Chaos0wings answered:

Okay so basically u need one more key. Look at your map. Is there any place u didn't go on the first and second floor. That doesn't require the longshot.
1F room on the right - 2 keys and a map.
1F room on the left - 1 key
Center column after raising the water - I key
2F room on the right - compass
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Darkunov answered:

I don't know if you're stuck, but I do know that everytime I thought I was, I had my doubts about the block(s). Turns out I had moved them correctly.
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Chaos0wings answered:

Your not stuck you're suppose to pull out the block. I'm not really sure just how far u got. Go inside the center column and hookshot yourself to the second so you could raise the water level up. A reddish block would float revealing an underground tunnel to get a key. Atbthe same time go back to the place where u met ruto. Swim up to the second level and bomb the wall to get another key.
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