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What are all the ocarina songs withe the notes?

If you can can you do it like
Zeldas lullaby x a y x a y

Treeko101 provided additional details:

I know i just want to know what the songs are with the notes.

Accepted Answer

3_ENiGMA_3 answered:

Zelda's Lullaby - X A Y X A Y

Sun's Song - Y R A Y R A

Minuet of Forest - L A X Y X Y

Requiem of Spirit - L R L Y R L

Epona's Song - A X Y A X Y

Song of Time - Y L R Y L R

Bolero of Fire - R L R L Y R Y R

Nocturne of Shadow - X Y Y L X Y R

Saira's Song - R Y X R Y X

Song of Storms - L R A L R A

Serenade of Water - L R Y Y X

Prelude of Light - A Y A Y X A

Hope This Helps!
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DH2007 answered:

We could tell you but it would be pointless because Link would not play the song as if he learned it. You have to advance the story and learn them, then when you pull out your ocarina you can tab over and see all the songs you've learned and their notes.
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