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Has anyone been able to perform the golden scale glitch successfully?

I'm asking this because I just tried and I'm only getting the regular 5 rupee prize.

aikivoyager provided additional details:

This is what I'm doing. I catch the fish and get the message "it's a real lunker." I face the salesman/fisherman and swim towards him holding L+R buttons (targeting and shield). Then I ask him to weigh my fish while still holding the L+R buttons but still all I get is the regular prize. Help! What am I doing wrong? :(

3_ENiGMA_3 asked for clarification:

Are you near enough in the middle of the pond? If not, then that might be the cause of your problem...

aikivoyager provided additional details:

@ 3_ENiGMA_3: Yeah, I tried that but he still won't give me my golden scale... btw I was able to pull this off on the N64 before but for some reason I just can't do it on the 3DS.

aikivoyager provided additional details:

@SkyCrackers: That's such a shame. Although the glitches were not the "proper" way Nintendo wanted gamers to play Zelda, the glitches actually made for a more enjoyable game because of all the different ways you could complete quests. I guess if I want the glitches then I'm back to playing my gold OoT on N64... and because the original tune for the fire temple rocks!

Accepted Answer

SkyCrackers answered:

They fixed that glitch in the 3DS version. The cheats section was just copy/pasted from the original game.
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Hay_Stack answered:

It's not a glitch, but a secret. Make sure you follow the instructions in the cheat section carefully.
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