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Am I able to obtain more than four bottles?

On the N64 you were able to obtain more bottles using a glitch. Is there a glitch on the 3DS version which enables you to obtain more than four bottles?

3_ENiGMA_3 provided additional details:

Are you sure? I tried to pause the game while catching something, but it just continues with the catching animation... Have you tried it before? And if you have and it works, talk me through the steps and I'll see if they work.

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Emerald_Lance answered:

There were two glitches for the N64 version. The one where you pause right as you're about to catch something doesn't work (at least it won't work when I try it) while the one where you backflip with bottle in hand does work.
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Triforcelord25 answered:

Actually yes it's the same exact glitch as you mentioned in the N64 version.
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King_of_Nerds answered:

Yes, the bottle duplication glitch is still there.

1. Set a bottle (with something like fish or bugs in it) to X or Y.
2. Set something you don't need, like Deku Nuts to the other button (X or Y).
3. Drop contents of bottle and re-capture so you are holding bottle.
4. Backflip, and while in the air, press the button set for the bottle, then the button set for the item you want to replace, respectfully.
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