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Asked: 3 years ago

Where is the boomerang?

I'm inside Lord Jabu Jabu and i need to find the boomerang to defeat the red tentacle

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From: Luigi_316 3 years ago

The boomerang is located in the room which requires you to leave something on the switch in order to keep it open. Once you are able to carry ruto, Carry her to this switch, leave her on it then enter the room and defeat the Stingers. Once defeated the chest with the Boomerang will appear.

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Actually its the switch that needs some extra weight to be activated other than that the method above is correct

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Carry Ruto to the white switch in Jabu-Jabu's belly. Navi will pop out and make some sort of comment about how you can't activate it by yourself. Step on it while carrying Ruto and a door will open. Enter the door and defeat all the stingers to get a chest to appear. Open the chest for the Boomerang.

Make sure you bring Ruto in to the room with you or you will have to backtrack and retrieve her from the pit in the earlier portion of the dungeon.

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