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Guard Trouble?

Whenever i go into the castle, the first area that you enter, right before the first hedge, there are two guards there. ive tired going during the day and at night, but they never leave. is there a strict period of time you have to go, or is my game just falty?

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Luigi_316 answered:

Once you have visited Zelda and collected the 3 Spiritual Stones you are unable to explore the interior castle ever again legitimately unless you start a new game.
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aikivoyager answered:

I'm assuming you're talking about the guards inside the castle itself. Those guards will always be there. You will have to sneak past them by making use of their patrol patterns and hiding behind the hedges.
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notyu1459 answered:

I don't think it was ever fully day if the Guards are right at the entrance of the grounds in the castle.
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Megabest39 answered:

What I do is wait til the Cucco does that cok-aldoddle-does (dont judge me). And that instint i crawl through the litte hole. And they're gone.
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