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Required use of Bomchus outside the Spirit Temple and Ganon's Castle?

Are there any practical use of Bomchus outside their required use in the Spirit Temple and Ganon's Caslte? I personally believe they are underused, and there does not seem to be a point in buying Bomchus in the Hyrule Castle Market due to their narrow practical use.

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cowmilk99 answered:

There is no "required" use for them in the main quest (other than the parts you mentioned and the Bombchu minigame) but they can make some parts of the game a lot easier. However, in the Master Quest they are heavily relied on in many parts and if you want to get all the Golden Skultulas in the Master Quest then they are definitely required.
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SeraphIria answered:

Bombchus see much more use in the Master Quest (after you complete the original game once) where there are numerous skulltulas and the like that require bombchus to access.
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