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Asked: 3 years ago

Missing Key in Gerudo Training Center?

I managed to get all but one of the keys in the GTC. The only problem is, according to all the strategy guides I've read you don't have to do anything for the chest to appear. The room is the fire pit and pillars with silver rupees. From what I've read I just need to make the Time blocks appear, climb up, and the chest with the key should be there, but it isn't, there is nothing on the red carpet patch.

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Nevermind, I found it in the room beyond the Silver Gauntlet block in a hidden chest. The Lava Pillar Room key must have been out in the open and I just forgot.

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From: sumostickfigure 3 years ago

There is no chest. The key should just be sitting there in the open.

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In the room where the three like like are defeat all of them and chests will appear one is invisible so use the lens of truth to find it. (its where the third like like is)

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The solution to this quest is to take the left path and keep unlocking doors, do not open any on the right as that will lead to a dead end.

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Ah, you don't need all 9- you can actually make due with only seven. You have to enter from the entrance room and keep going on the left path. I really suck at aiming the bow, so I skipped the eye statue and other room. But it feels like cheating to do it with only 7. :(

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You actually don't need any keys to get the ice arrow. if you backflip into the corner of the 2 cage walls, then take out your hookshot and aim it into the section with the chest, you shoot yourself into that section

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