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Asked: 3 years ago

Deku tree b1?

Im in deku tree b1 I got there by falling through the hole covered by spider webs and I all redy visited the room with the guy how says 231 but I cant get to the other spot in that room pleas tell me how :).

Accepted Answer

From: DH2007 3 years ago

Have you knocked the block down from the higher ledge and lit a deku stick to jump on said block and get onto said ledge and lit the torch to unlock a door? If you still can't figure out what to do try checking some of the FAQs on this website, they really help.

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Submitted Answers


You move the block so you can jump across the edge to the torch light a deku stick and cross back and roll while holding the stick to break the web below you. After you destroy the Deku Scrubs brothers it will unlock the door to the boss Ghoma

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