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Missing gold skulltulas (MQ)?

I've been playing through master quest using a walkthrough for the gamecube version, & I've just finished Ganon's castle (but not the boss fight), but I'm missing 2 gold skulltula's.

I figure that this is because the bottom of the well & the shadow temple are both different in the gamecube version, but, according to the dungeon maps, I still managed to pick up all the skulltulas in both of them.

So, are there 2 skulltulas elsewhere in the map which I can get instead?

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I went back & checked over the child!Link dungeons, & it seems I missed 2 inside Jabu-Jabu's belly. I managed to get one of them, but according to DBM11085's list, the last is inside the boomerang room. Is there any way to get inside without Ruto?

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Nevermind; the boomerang room has another door... ^^'

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masteramr answered:

I actually haven't played the Master Quest that far yet (I'm using the official guide to help), but there must be a way to get there. You have to return to the dungeon later to get this Skultulla; it's behind one of the blocks you need the Song of Time to get rid of.
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masteramr answered:

Actually, all of the dungeon Gold Skultullas are in different places in the Master Quest, not just in the two dungeons you mentioned. First, we need to know where the Skultullas you missed are located. You can check each dungeon (this includes the Ice Cavern and, although you already checked it, the Bottom of the Well) to see if you got all the Tokens the same way you checked the well and the Shadow Temple (the Gold Skultulla icon next to the dungeon name on the map; if there's no icon, you missed at least one Skultulla in that dungeon), and you can check the overworld locations like Kakariko Village by checking your overworld map and displaying the name of each area; look for a Skultulla icon next to the location name just like the dungeons. If one of the ones you missed is NOT in a dungeon, remember that all the non-dungeon Skultullas are in the same place in Master Quest as in the regular version, although everything is mirrored (for example, the Skultulla on the wall in the Graveyard is still on the wall, but because everything is reversed, it's on the opposite wall). Once you know what area the missing ones are in, let us know and we can help further.
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