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How do I get to ride Epona to Gerudo's Fortress?

I think Epona's in Lon Lon Ranch but I don't know where and how I can get out of Lon Lon Ranch with Epona?

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icedragon50 answered:

If you got the song as young link, go to lonlon ranch as an adult. Pay 10 rupees twice to practise riding, and use epona's song to summon her to you.
On the 2nd time you have to talk to Ingo when sitting on Epona, and he will challenge you to a race for 50 rupees. After you win he will bet Epona.
if you win the second race Epona is yours, but you have to jump over the east or west fences to get out of there, after that you are free to go.

To get to gerudo valley on Epona, just go to the map. There you will see a broken bridge. Stand back alittle, and use one or two carrots to speed up and let Epona jump over the bridge.

Sometimes Epona may stop at the stairs, you just have to try again then.
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