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Glitch in-game?

I've just recently beaten the Spirit Temple on the Master Quest version of Ocarina of Time 3D, and while it shows that I got all the gold skulltulas in it (by a marker by the temple's name), I went to the gear section and saw that I only had 98 gold skulltulas. Yes, i know there's one by Ganon's Castle, but I'm saving that one for last. Oh, and the overworld map shows that I have all the gold skulltulas in every area, so that;s not a problem either. Is this a glitch in the game or something? I hope I won't have to start over and do this all again.

GamingFan19 provided additional details:

Thanks, you guys. It turns out I was missing one in the Ice Cavern.

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masteramr answered:

Icedragon50 is right, you can only tell if you got all the Skultullas from a dungeon by checking the map inside the dungeon. Make sure to check the Ice Cavern and the Bottom of the Well, too!
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icedragon50 answered:

I think you should try to enter all dungeons again, and check if you got all skulltula's in them. Because the map will propbably only show it for skulltula's outside.
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