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Is there an easier way of (warning spoilers)?

getting the heart piece from the gravedigging tour?

I had him dig in all spots and got two blue rupees and a green rupee. Then since I had enough to start over digging, I did and the first patch of dirt (which had nothing the first time around) suddenly had a green rupee in it.

Now in many of the FAQs that I have seen says that the piece of heart is in one of the dirt patches and only changes location when you leave the graveyard area to get more rupees. So why didn't it show up when I dug around the cemetary the first time?

Help apreciated. Very Confused right about now.

underworldroyal provided additional details:

I got it!

Took me nearly 1000 rupees, several trips to the gatehouse to max my wallet out, and about 13 trips around the graveyard digging to get it.

Funnily enough it was in the third patch I dug up on my thirteenth round. I still had 79 rupees left *facepalm multiple times*

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zeldamasterds00 answered:

Sorry to say, but it is completely random. You will find it eventually if you keep trying. Personally i got it on my 2nd dig, and then you said you dug up all the spots and didnt get it, so make sure you have a lot of rupees.
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sumostickfigure answered:

In truth, it could be in any of the dirt patches. The prizes change for each patch when Dampe goes around another time, so you should just keep playing the game until you find that heart piece.
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Fennyariel answered:

Basically speaking finding this heart piece is a crap shoot.
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