Question from torcat90

Asked: 3 years ago

I can't get the fairy to appear at Hyrule castle...what am I doing wrong?

i play the Zelda's Lullaby but the Giant Fairy doesn't appear

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From: coolmandragoon 3 years ago

Like hyrulesmasher12 said u need to visit the great fairy on death mountain and get the spin attack and magic meter.

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Are you on the triforce insignia thing on the platform and the staff comes up?

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Did you visit the fairy on top of Death Mountain yet? I've heard that the others won't appear until you visit that one.

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You need to visit the great fairy on Death Mountain first, before you can go to the others.

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Stand on the picture of the triforce and play ...
Hope that helps.^_^

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first , you must go to death mountain fairy , go to death mountain IT WILL HELP ALOT IF YOU HAVE THE HYLIANSHIELDhave the bomb bag , and the gorons bracelet , blow up the rocks letting you go to the trail , rocks will fall from sky so use shield , get to where you can climb wall , shoot wallata with slingshot go up keep shooting them until you are all the way up , do not talk to the owl , he will take you to the top of a house to get a piece of heart , so go to wall blow it up wethere its a bomb or bomb flower go in play zeldas lulluby , have the screaming loonatic .... sorry.... great fairy of magic give you a magic meter , then go back to hylian fairy fountain and it should work .

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