Question from Ryoohki4

Does anyone else find this weird?

When your inside Lord Jabbu-jabbus belly why are there cows growing out of the wall? theres even one underwater does anyone else find this freaky?

Ryoohki4 provided additional details:

also forgot to mention this is MQ
and ive talked to all the zoras and ive never heard of anything like they eat cows only fish

Ryoohki4 provided additional details:

Yeah i know ive already beaten it i was just asking if anyone else found it a little strange you know?

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originalLink answered:

Its called creativity.
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sumostickfigure answered:

Hey, cows happen to be a delicacy among sacred fish guardians such as Lord Jabu Jabu.
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---Nintendo--- answered:

They act like switches that are activated when you shoot them with the Slingshot.
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elitepeach answered:

That is very weird.
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Zero_Maniac answered:

Weird? Yes. Inventive? Also yes. Don't see why everyone hates on the cows. They're amazing and you know it.
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