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How do I reach the cavern above the Fairy's fountain in Zora's domani?

When I look above and just slightly to the side I see a cavern above the Fairly fountain in Zora's domain. In the lake where Jabu Jabu is/was. Can I reach that area?

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SeraphIria answered:

There is a silver boulder in front of the Fairy Fountain (where you acquired Farore's Wind). Once you have the Silver Gauntlets you can remove the boulder to reach an underground path that leads to that overlook.
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ballie19 answered:

I think you saw the Ice Cavern, that's indeed up-left from the Fairy Fountain.
When you are an adult you can reach it via frozen stepping stones. (Jabu-Jabu is gone now.)

The cave Seraphlria talking about is a cave below the Fairy Fountain, you can reach it by lifting the boulder with the Silver Gauntlets. The Silver Gauntlets are found as a kid in the Spirit Temple. (The penultimate dungeon of the game, before Ganon's Castle)

FYI: When you are an adult and are at the same location as the Ice Cave, (Zora's Fountain) you can reach Piece of Heart #23, just go first to the opposite the Ice Cave, it is on a ice platform.
And when you got the Iron Boots you can find Piece of Heart #25 on the bottom of the lake here. (The Zora Tunic is recommended, unthaw King Zora with Blue fire that is found in the Ice Cave to receive it.)
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JadeTorchwood answered:

I'm with ballie19. You probably were looking at the Ice Cavern. You can get there after Link is an adult when that area in the Zora's Domain is frozen and that there are some icy stepping stones for you to use. In the Ice Cavern, you can get the Iron Boots & a Piece of Heart.
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