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How do I get the hook shot?

I didn't plant my bean in the grave yard before the time skip and if I remember correctly that is how I get the hook shot and the hook shot is need to enter the forest temple.

So any tips?

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EstherIchigo answered:

As adult link go to the Kakariko graveyard.
Once there you will have to go to the grave on the left.
There should be a soft soil patch (or a flower if you planted a bean as young link).
The grave next to the soil patch is the one you should enter.
Pull it back to reveal a hole and jump into the hole.

Once inside you will see dampe, only this time he is a ghost.
Walk up to him and talk to him and he will challenge you to a little race.

Basically it's very simple, follow the ghost of Dampe and don't let yourself fall behind.

You will need to follow the Purple and red flames, ghost noises and the doors inside the grave.
Don't go towards rupees and try not to run into enemies.

I won't tell you the path that you need to walk, because that would take the fun out of it.
Good luck though!
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elitepeach answered:

The hookshot is the reward for finishing Dampe's race in his grave. No magic beans needed.
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megaman357 answered:

Head to the graveyard.
under one of the graves (i forget which) is a hole that leads to dampe. i think its of the graves on the left side of the graveyard.

you have to "race" him, which is basically keep up with him.
once complete you are given the hookshot which is indeed needed to enter the forest temple.
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originalLink answered:

Yeah, The beans arn't needed. Go down the grave closest to the soft soil in the graveyard and pull it open. drop down and race Dampe (the ghost). He will give you one as a prize.
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Zero_Maniac answered:

No magic beans involved. As Adult Link, go to the graveyard in Kakariko. Then go to the left (or right in MMQ) and pull back the grave with flowers at the foot of it. Drop down, race Dampe, there you go.
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