Question from findecano85

How to navigate map for gold skulltullas?

On the map, are there supposed to come up gold skulltulla icon when I've found all gold skulltullas in that area?
There's no icon at the market, and I think I've got all there. All 1 :-p


Nintendoer answered:

There are three in the market area.

1 in a box in the house as you enter the market.

1 in a hole near the castle (by a tree near the water; just play the Song of Storms to open it up)

1 on a pillar in the castle area in the future.

Good luck!
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Nintendoer answered:

Ah yes, (sorry for the double reply) I forgot one.

There's also one in a tree near the beginning of the castle area. Roll into it to make it come out.
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fireman00 answered:

I agree with him.
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