Question from MichizaneFFXI

Do these situlations count as a death?

I haven't played a Zelda game in a long time, so i'm wondering if in this game (or any other Zelda titles) does falling down a bottomless pit or being grabed by the hands that warps you to the entrance of a dungeon count as a death on the final death count when games over?

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ShadowTheMiglia answered:

No they do not count as deaths, the only exception is of course falling down a pit when you are very low on hearts.
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elitepeach answered:

But since this game does not have a death count, it doesn't really matter...
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psychopenguin77 answered:

I did find that going past the time limit in death mountain crater killed me when I was at full health, but this could be because I was on Master Quest and had relatively few hearts
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