Question from Axela71

Asked: 3 years ago

Full inventory?

Ive beaten the game... And done a few sidequests, I have all bottles, all Temple awarded items(Longshot, Arrows, Ect.) I have the big goron sword templet thing, a Mask from happy mask shop, All three magics (Din; Farore; Naryu) Magic beans. And I STILL have two more open slots in my Inventory... What items am i missing, and what do i do to get them?

Additional details - 3 years ago

Haha, That sux... Bc Im the kinda person that likes sidequests.... Oh well. Thanks anyway(=

Accepted Answer

From: Yaganagi 3 years ago

You have acquired every usable item in the game so you will always have two missing slots as long as you equip any four items excluding the ocarina

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