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Asked: 3 years ago

How do i sell bottle contents to the lady?

How do i do it!

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From: skipz55 3 years ago

Sonics1030 is right, u also cant sell potions (red,green,blue) if u buy these items just to sell to her i dont recommend it b/c she'll pay u half of what its worth, ex) fish cost 200 rupees, so she will buy it for 100 rupees. this is however useful if u got the bug/fish/bf(blue fire) for free, ex) fish at zoras domain or bf at ice cavern. if u need alot of rupees, there are some very good ways i know of where u can get unlimited huge rupees in a very very short amount of time. if u want to know them send me an email. ill be glad to help.

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Just target the person and press the button the bottle is assigned to. If you use the item in the bottle instead of selling it, then you can't sell that item to her. I couldn't sell a bottled fairy to her, but I had no problem selling a fish to her.

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You can only sell 3 things to her:
3-Blue Fire.
You CAN'T sell fairies or poes to her, but you can sell poes to the headless guy in the guardhouse of Hyrule Castle Town as an adult!

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Target the person and press the button the bottle is assigned to and sell it to him.

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