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How do i solve (down the well)?

I saw that vision, but it did not help.

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sonics1030 answered:

Just go inside Kakariko village well as a kid and complete it to get the Lens of Truth! To do that, just enter the windmill in Kakariko Village as Adult Link and pull out your ocarina in front of the guy in there. He'll teach you the Song of Storms. Now go back to the Temple of Time and become a kid again. Then go back inside the windmill and play the Song of Storms you just learned to make the well dry up. Now drop down inside the well and crawl through the hole! You'll be in a mini dungeon called Bottom of the Well! complete it to get the Lens of Truth (and 3 Skulltula Tokens if you're a completist). Piece of cake!
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darkrai100 answered:

Alright play your ocarina to the guy in the windmill as adult Link and he'll teach you the song of storms. Go back in time and play the song of storms in the windmill to drain the water of the well. Go inside and do a mini dungeon to get the lens of truth. Return as Adult Link to enter the Shadow temple
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