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Hidden chest in Spirit Temple?

There's a chest or something in the main room of the Spirit Temple that's reacting to the Shard of Agony. No matter what I try, though, nothing's working to reveal it. Has anyone managed to reveal it, and if so, what was inside? Oh, and FYI, I'm playing the Master Quest.

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I did, but nothing happened.

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cemartone1 answered:

To get the last (4th) chest in spirit temple entrance room, after you enter the temple and go on the stairs, turn around facing the door. the pillar next to the door has a crystal switch just poking out near the top (on 3ds it is the pillar on the left side). shoot it with an arrow and the chest fourth chest drops.
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elitepeach answered:

The Shard of Agony only alerts you to hidden grottos. Use a bomb. :)
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maybeth69 answered:

I have never played master quest, so I really have no idea, I just wanted to point out that bombs are not the only way to open hidden grottos. Some of them only respond to certain songs...
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