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Asked: 3 years ago

Boss rush mode?

How do you unlock boss rush? I've finished each boss individually in the house, but nothing happened and that is what the cheat section says to do. However, it looks like there is a boss missing and Ganon isn't in the boss rush. Am I missing something? Main gamewise I'm half way through Master Quest.

Accepted Answer

From: megaman357 3 years ago

according to information ive seen, the boss rush should unlock upon completion of all the other bosses challenge modes individually.

it appears ganon is NOT supposed to be included in the boss challenge.
it should start with queen ghoma and end with twinrova.
when possible i will check my end game file and update this

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This is a follow up to my previous answer, ive checked my end game and indeed once you complete each boss challenge atleast once you gain access to gauntlet which is the boss rush mode.

make sure you have beaten each of the bosses in the challenge mode, chances are you have missed one

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Make sure you have saved after defeating each boss.

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