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How can I get the Gold Skultulla in the Bottom of the Well?

I used all of the keys on all of the doors, except for the door to the room before the caged Like like and Skultulla. There are no more chests, I am out of keys. Did the game just completely screw me over because I didn't go in the order the designers did? I never had this problem on the N64 game.

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The door to the room you're talking about is locked and there are no more keys in the dungeon. :(

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masteramr answered:

There is one key that is not in a chest. It's in the room all the way to the west (the room with all the coffins). You need to open the coffins by lighting the torches in the room; the key is sitting inside one of them.
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Xplode_77 answered:

Looking towards the caged room, go left until you hit the wall (don't fall in the invisible hole) and then crawl through the crawl space, and finally, go through the door on your right. After doing so, use the Lens of Truth to avoid the invisible holes and go through the door on the other side. Also, there is a beamos in the center of the room plus flaming keese, so watch out for those as well. The door will take you to the caged room and you can finally get that Gold Skulltulla.

I am assuming you have all of the keys like you said, but you should look through the Dungeon Map just to be sure you found all the treasure chests. I hope this helps :)
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