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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find the red tunic?

I finished the forest temple and the fairy keeps saying"the cloud over death moutian looks strange" and when I go there I can only go in the crater but for only 50 seconds. Please please please answer me! I cant even do anything but try to figure it out!

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I need to find out!

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From: Pokemaniac_06 3 years ago

Ok, if you go to Goron City and bomb to rolling Goron, he will talk on, and on then after a ton of talking, he will give it to you. And if a monster named "Like Like" eats it, you can buy it from the Goron shop for 200 rupees. The shop is located next to the huge pot on the bottom floor. Bomb the wall and it will be in the shop. Oh, and after that go to Daruna's room and pull the statue for a suprise. ;)
Oh, and for reference, when you need help, try checking the FAQs section. =^_^=

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