Question from looneyfan

Where's the Happy Mask Shop owner?

I want the Ketton Mask, but the owner isn't here.

fireman00 asked for clarification:

"^^^ What masteramr said."

i definitely agree with them both.

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masteramr answered:

When you give Zelda's Letter to the guard in Kakariko Village, he'll mention the mask shop to you. At this point, the shop is open for business.
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MonoBlade answered:

To borrow the Ketton Mask you need to be farther in the game. I think you can borrow it once you go see princess Zelda.
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sumostickfigure answered:

How early on in the game are you? I don't think the shop opens until after you give the Kakariko guard Zelda's letter.
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pro_gamer19 answered:

^^^ What masteramr said.
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