Question from cervesas54

Why isn't link rolling when i hit the ground?

I'm holding forward when i hit the ground, but whether the fall is high or low, link has not been rolling. Did they change the controls? why isn't think working?


twighlightgirl answered:

I've been trying to get Link to roll to, and I think your best solution is to not jump off a high platform.
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twighlightgirl answered:

You can also press A as soon as you get close enough to the ground.
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Pokemaniac_06 answered:

Most times, (Unless you are bad at the game or impatient) losing 1 heart dosen't matter. If your patient, you don't need to jump of high clifs.
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Threebdog answered:

Becareful when you jump off are you still holding down the thumbstick i found this problem as well when you jump off a high building jump off let go of the thumbstick then push back up again while in air im not sure why you have to do it like that but thats how it works.
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Zero_Maniac answered:

Press A when you're about to land, or Hang off the ledge, then drop down and press forward or whatever direction, and you should roll.
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skipz55 answered:

You have to be at a hight where when you jump off, it will hurt you only half a heart. at that hight, when holding foward, you will roll. if the hight is too low, then youll have to press a to roll. hope this helps. :)
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shadowichigo answered:

You're too high. that is the only thing. Maybe your definition of short is just high enough to where you get hurt.
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Ewwz answered:

Try tapping the A button (instead of holding it) and push the analog forward at the same time. Works for me :)
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