Question from fireman00

Still stuck on the ice arrows???

i cant find anymore keys to get the ice arrows. Somebody please help me!!!

VincentChaos13 asked for clarification:

Which keys have you got? There is one that you need the eye of truth to get to and there is another you need the Silver gauntlets for


APlusle answered:

I recommend using a video walkthrough and double-checking to make sure you have every key the guy in the walkthrough gets. I realize that's not the most personalized answer, but I feel like it might help more than a written description of all the keys.

I was going to provide a link to one, but apparently what comes at the start of every URL... is a banned word. >_>
Just search "Gerudo Training Grounds all keys" and it'll be the first result (ignore the music).
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Ventanrex answered:

One key is past a false ceiling tile in the Ice Arrow cell area. Search the ceiling with the Lens of Truth.
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coreyworld16 answered:

Complete the gerudo trails
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