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How do I keep the deku stick burning?

I remember somone in the game giving me a tip on how to keep my deku stick from burning out too fast? I'm in the royal family's tomb and the flame keeps smoldering my deku stick before I reach the end.

Accepted Answer

Threebdog answered:

There is really no possible way to keep it burning for longer than it can you can however put it back in your inventory before it burns out so you wont lose it but then you would have to re light it in all cases you cant keep it burning longer than it can unless they made some glitch for it.
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twighlightgirl answered:

Just run as fast as you can.
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Pokemaniac_06 answered:

Well, you can put it back into your invintory then tack it back out, and use it again, but then you would have to re-light your stick again. If your in the place where there is a platform in the middle of the room, then use din's fire. Obtain this in the fairy fountain in Hyrule Castle's front yard, behind the rock. =^_^=
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Zero_Maniac answered:

Put it back in your inventory if you want to conserve it. Other than that, there's no real way to increase the time it takes for it to burn.
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thunder7777777 answered:

There is no way to have it burn longer/never go out. If you want to conserve Deku Sticks, just pull out your sword before the Deku Stick burns out. Then pull out your Deku Stick again and light it up. Keep repeating to save your Deku Sticks.
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storm_hack answered:

You can't. Once it's lit there isn't a legit way to keep it lit, but if you light what you need lit fast enough, you can put the stick away and re-use it again and again.
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