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Where do I sell ALL the happy masks?

Where do I sell all the happy masks?

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What do you do with the mask of truth anyway?

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sumostickfigure answered:

Keaton Mask - the Soldier guarding the north gate of Kakariko Village.
Skull Mask - the Skull Kid in the area to the left of the entrance to the Lost Woods.
Spooky Mask - the kid walking around Kakariko Graveyard during the day.
Bunny Hood - the Running Man who runs laps around Hyrule Field*.

*You cannot find the Running Man until you have all three Spiritual Stones.
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Zero_Maniac answered:

The mask of truth lets you talk to Gossip Stones and receive bits of information, rather than just telling you the time when you hit them.
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Sasquatch2138 answered:

With the mask of truth theres a part of the lost woods where you can drop down a hole and get a deku nut upgrade. i believe you can also do this with the skull mask and a deku stick upgrade
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fileape answered:

You sell the Keaton Mask to the soldier guarding the north gate of Kakariko VIllage, the Skull Mask to the Skull Kid in the area that is to the left when you enter the Lost Woods, the Spooky Mask to the kid walking around the graveyard in Kakariko Village during the day, and the Bunny Hood to the Running Man in Hyrule Field that runs laps around Lon Lon Ranch. The Mask of Truth allows you to talk to the stones that a fairy comes out of when you play Zelda's Lullaby and tells you the time when you hit it, it also allows you to get a Deku Nut upgrade that makes you able to carry 40 of them when you drop down a hole in the Lost Woods if you take a few steps forward while wearing it, you can get a Deku Stick upgrade that makes you able to carry 30 of them when wearing the Skull Mask in the same place too.
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