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Two extra slots???

So I just need to get the 4th bottle from what I know of, but there are two extra item slots in the inventory list... I have the arrows, longshot, megaton hammer, iron boots, hover boots, three bottles, boomerang, claim check, deku stick, deku nuts, bombs, magic beans, the mask slot, the three magics, the slingshot, bombchus, and the lens of truth. Any idea what they are for?

Accepted Answer

dadarkgtprince answered:

I think the two extra slots are there because the boots messed up the grid. In the N64 version, the boots showed up in the gear menu, not the items menu, so by adding the 2 boots to the items menu, they need to keep the grid balanced, thus needing two more slots.
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Zero_Maniac answered:

Do you have items equipped to I and II in the top and bottom right corners? If so, then that's why you have 2 extra slots.
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