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Remembering Scarecrow Song?

I've already went to the scarecrow as a child and recorded a song, but when I went back as an adult and played the song for him he wont accept it. I can play the song else where and it will tell me "You have played the Scarecrow Song." and nothing happens. How do I get him to remember the song?

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If you play the Scarecrow Song in certain places, a scarecrow will pop out of the ground and you can hookshot it to reach places you normally wouldn't be able to

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When you make the scarecrow song as a kid, you have to play it to him again as an adult. then when navi turns blue in a dungeon or whatever and its not a hidden song of time block, when you play that song, pierre will pop out. this is useful once you have the hookshot or longshot, use that to grapple to pierre, and usually the is some goodies (pieces of heart or skullutas) in a room or platform that you didnt have access to before. oh yeah, the song has to be 8 notes long. hope this helps. :)

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If you've already gone back to Bonooru as an adult and he's not activating your song (which makes Pierre come out in specific areas), then you will have to return back to Lake Hylia as a child and redo the song again. Try to make it something that's easy to memorize (like L,R, L, R, L, R, L, A).

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