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What do I do now?

I'm near the beginning of the game (bear with me, i was playing SM3DL). I just finished talking to Zelda and her long speech, but I saved and quit before I talked to Impa. Now, when I try to reenter the castle through the water vent, there are 2 guards staring at me, and I get kicked out. Anyone know what to do?

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kugochris answered:

I could see how it would be a problem because he didn't talk to Impa. Because he didn't, he didn't learn Zelda's Lullaby from her, and he needs to go back all the way to Zelda to talk to Impa to learn the song.

I wouldn't know what to do at that point. Never been in that situation before.
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masteramr answered:

First off, you must be trying to enter the castle at night; you can only get in during the day. As for what to do next, you need to go back to Kokiri Village, enter the Lost Woods, and find Saria for an Ocarina song, then head to Kakariko Village. A walkthrough can help you from there.
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tabby3 answered:

No no no, he's saying he want's to go see Zelda again. You can't. Go to Kakariko village, go to the guard guarding the fence, (left, up steps) and go to the Gorons.
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