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How do I beat Volvoga?

Volvoga is a snake-like dragon that was going to kill the Gorons. It is located in the Fire Temple and I can't beat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CaRmAgE answered:

When it pops out of a hole, use the hammer to weaken it, then slash with your sword. If it's flying in the air, shoot it with arrows. If you lose your lock-on while it's flying, you should prepare to dodge some falling rocks.
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tabby3 answered:

Hit him with the Hammer you (should) have gotten inside the temple. When he pop's his head out and dosn't fly upwards, smack him with it, then use the Master Sword and attack.
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skipz55 answered:

do what CaRmAgE says, and use your sheild when volvaga drops boulders on you or is about to brethe fire at you, and come prepared, make sure you have bottled fairies, if anything, bottled fairies should solve your problem. and make sure you have at least 10 or more hearts.
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