Question from oathkeeper

Asked: 3 years ago

What do you do if you didn't buy the magic bean?

As kid link i didn't buy the magic bean from that guy. Now I'm an adult and i don't no what to do. Any help?

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From: capcat123 3 years ago

Just put the master sword back on the pedestal in the Temple of time and you are a kid again, then you can go to Zoras river and buy magic beans.

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capcat123's answer is right, but this assumes you've already cleared the Forest Temple as an adult. If you didn't clear it, Sheik will block you when you get to the pedestal. So you can't go back to Child Link until you've cleared that dungeon.

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You don't need any of the beans to complete the game. They usually just create a path to an otherwise out-of-reach object, or on Zora's river and Death Mountain's case create shortcuts.

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