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How do I beat the giant octorok?

I can hit him twice but on the third one he is just too fast. Please help.

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Nintendoer answered:

I always just hit him with my boomerang at first. After he gets unstunned, there's a chance he'll be turned around, so quickly hit him with your boomerang again, then use a jumpslash if he's facing the right way.
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Orihime answered:

I did it the hard way, I ran in the opposite direction the spikes were moving. With this method, you need to run close to the spikes, but not hit them as you're catching up to Big Octo (BO).

If you still can't catch up to him, you could try intentionally getting hit by BO's snout. His back will then be turned, but you still have to throw the Boomerang as soon as you get up from the hit. Jump attacks will also help this battle go faster.
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dibbion answered:

Hes just as fast on teh 1st run round as he is on any other lap just hit him with your fairy boomerang(u shud hav it by now) n run round n hit teh blu orb thing in his ass wid ur sword as many timez as posibl n repeet teh proses til he dis k dats how i got him n i got him twice odd eh? kuz i scrud up in teh water templ n had to set up a nu acount to fix teh mistake.
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