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Golden Skulltula amounts?

I,ve been playing this for a while and i have been seeing these golden skultula things on walls/ in dungeons. i then went to this house in Karariko Village and there were these skulltulas that were human looking, they said to kill the golden skultulas for rewards, i just want to know how many i need before i can get a prize.

Accepted Answer

Zero_Maniac answered:

10 Skulltulas: Adult's Wallet (allows you to carry 200 Rupees)
20 Skulltulas: Shard of Agony (it will alert you to nearby
covered holes by blinking in the upper left corner I believe)
30 Skulltulas: Giant's Wallet (allows you to carry 500 Rupees)
40 Skulltulas: 10 Bombchus (a speedy running bomb)
50 Skulltulas: A Piece of Heart (one fourth of a Heart Container)
100 Skulltulas: A Huge Rupee (worth 200, and can be gotten as many times as you like. Just exit the house and re-enter, talk to him, rinse and repeat.)
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