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Golden Skulltula glitch?

okay so I am missing just 3 of the Golden Skull tokens and on the map the one place that is not cleared is Gerudo Valley. Now I know I've gotten the one on the pillar and behind the ten in the future and I did the bottled bug thing and boomeranged the one on the wall in the past on a plank, i should be all cleared right? whats going on?

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Vinhija answered:

Have you checked all the dungeons? Dungeons aren't counted on the map, so you have to back to them personally and look at the dungeon map. That could be where your three skulltulas are.
I can't think of any more skulltulas in the Gerudo Valley, so I'm not sure why your game says you need more. It never hurts to check again, especially where you know you've been.
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Zero_Maniac answered:

Check the dungeons, like Vin said, and check all the locations again.
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SorinSnow answered:

Do you have the 2 in the fortress, and the 1 in the haunted wasteland
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CaRmAgE answered:

If Gerudo Valley is not cleared, you must be remembering incorrectly, because you just listed every single Gold Skulltula in that region (Gerudo Fortress and Haunted Wasteland are separate regions). It's happened to me, too. I would get something, forget to save, and then forget to go back for it when I lose my progress. I would recommend double-checking each of those four locations.

Of course, it is unlikely you are missing all 3 in that region, so I would double-check all the dungeons, too. This includes the Bottom of the Well and Ice Caverns, which many people forget about.
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