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Keep starting back at Link's House, is it suppose to?

Every time I save the game, turn off and turn back on, I always end up back at Link's House regardless of where I had saved.

So for example, if I'm at Hyrule Castle and I save, next time I turn on the game, I'm back at Link's house. To go back to the Castle, I have to walk all the way back there.

Is the game suppose to do that? Or does it stop doing that after a certain point/only at certain places? (Right now I just finished the first dungeon and met with Princess Zelda).

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ineedananswer answered:

That is supposed to happen, Link spawns where the Sheikah Stones are when the game is turned on. He spawns at Link's House in his childhood, and at the Temple of Time during adulthood. However, if you saved and quit in a dungeon, the game spawns Link at the start of that dungeon.
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Vinhija answered:

Yes, that's supposed to happen. But in Link's adulthood you don't start at his house, you start in the Temple of Time.
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JadeTorchwood answered:

Yes, it's supposed to do that. When you're playing Adult Link, you start at the Temple of Time instead of Link's house. Traveling around Hyrule gets a lot better when you get Epona & several ocarina songs that teleport you to warp pads in certain places like the Temple of Time & Lake Hylia as Adult Link. You can even use those teleport songs as Young Link.
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