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Does saria love link?


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If not saria then does he live zelda or ruto?

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From: ijyliu 2 years ago

They are "childhood friends". Link is great with the ladies- Saria, Zelda, Malon, Ruto, and even Nabooru. But they're all sages except for Zelda and Malon, so he can't marry them. I think that he would probably choose zelda in the end because- well rescuing her is the point of pretty much the entire series.

Her last quote is "Saria will always be your friend.." after you beat the FT, so probably no romance there. She's still a kid.

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Codebreaker1234, I don't think anyone knows. I think it is either Ruto or Zelda.

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No she doesnt, she does act kinda funny though when she sees you leave or when you talk with her. (WARNING SPOILERS) she only acts likes this because she is one of the important people for your quests, cant remember what it is called but she is very helpful, she does not love link she only likes him as a good friend.

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the game ends with link walking into Zelda's room so more likely Zelda. (Saria doesn't age)

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Link is married to Ruto from the spiritual stone she gave to him, but the game, of course, makes it seem LinkxZelda.

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