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How do I beat Barinade?

just cannot kill this Boss. please give some ideas on how best to kill him

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pro_gamer19 answered:

Start off by cutting the tentacles attached to the ceiling with your boomerang. When the jellyfish come out and start revolving around it, carefully maneuver around them and throw your boomerang at the monster itself to stun it (or wait until the jellyfish slow down and change color), then attack the jellyfish with the boomerang. Barinade will then get up out of the ground with a seemingly impenetrable wall of jellyfish.

While keeping your distance, continuously throw your boomerang until you get through the barrier of spinning jellyfish to stun him, which should happen by the time they start spinning the other direction. You can then run around and destroy all the jellyfish with the boomerang, which may take two tries to complete. Once done, it will come out of the ground again and start shooting lightning at you. Just throw your boomerang at it, then attack with your sword until it submerges itself underground.

Barinade will shoot lightning at you, which is easily avoided by sidestepping/side jumping. The rest of the battle from here on is routine until it's finished off: It will come out of the ground moving around the room quickly while shooting lightning at you. Throw the boomerang so he's stunned and slash away at it, and it will submerge itself once again shooting lightning. Repeat tactics to finish off the Bio-electric Anemone.
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Ultimate3DSFan answered:

Make sure you use the boomerang to kill all the jellyfish. During the lighting part lock on and run or sidestep away from it. Hope this helps.
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