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Is there a store that sells bombchu's? I know you get them in the spirit temple, but i ran out and can't find anymore.

KyleGuzman provided additional details:

No because I checked the market and couldn't find any.

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Pokemaniac_06 answered:

In the back ally at night.
You may also win them in the bombchu bowling game.
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norrin72379 answered:

I believe there are some in the Hyrule castle town market.
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Zero_Maniac answered:

Win a few at the bombchu bowling alley, and there's also the carpet man near the entrance of the desert leading to the Spirit Temple from the Gerudo Fortress.
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kenrocks1253 answered:

There should be a shop next to the house where the lady is missing her dog in Castle Town. It's only open at night though. Also the guy in the Gerudo Dessert sells them.
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