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Where can I find the LAST skulltula on Master Quest???

I 100% all of my Zelda games because you know they're the best!! But I have searched high and low to find the final skulltula. It's driving me crazy!! My map says I have all of them so I know it's not in that specific place. I searched all the way through every temple and spaces between areas...... Help!!

Accepted Answer

pro_gamer19 answered:

There has to be one somewhere that you have overlooked. If all the map areas show the GS icon, then check each dungeon again as well. It's been said that the dungeon Gold Skulltulas aren't linked to the map subscreen icons. (Just in case you don't know) Every dungeon map will show the icon if you collect them all, so try checking every dungeon, including the Bottom of the Well and Ice Cavern.
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